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Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum: Green Tea + Panthenol (30ml)

Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum: Green Tea + Panthenol (30ml)

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Calm and soothe sensitive skin the Korean way, using traditional herbal ingredients such as green tea and mugwort that provide moisture and cool the skin. The Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum uses this combination of ingredients to reduce the appearance of redness and heal compromised skin, promoting a healthier-looking complexion.

What are the key features and benefits of the Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum?

  • Calms and soothes sensitive skin
  • Reduces sensitivity and the appearance of redness
  • Suitable for reducing blemishes
  • Reduces oiliness and shine
  • Aids in healing compromised skin

What are the key ingredients of the Beauty of Joseon Calming Serum?

Green Tea
Containing 50% green tea, this antioxidant-rich ingredient helps to soothe sensitive skin.
A very important ingredient throughout the history of traditional Eastern medicine, this ingredient provides moisture and helps to soothe the skin.
Panthenol is a well-known skincare ingredient that nourishes the skin. Transforming into vitamin B5 once applied to the skin, it binds to moisture and prevents moisture from escaping, maintaining hydration for longer.
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