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Brilliant Skin Rejuvenating Set

Brilliant Skin Rejuvenating Set

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Brilliant Rejuvenating Set is combined with whitening, anti-aging, and anti-acne designed to achieve brighter and younger-looking skin. It helps to diminish imperfections by gently peeling away the skin's top layers.

Brilliant Skin Essentials – Rejuvenating Facial Set:

  • Kojic Acid Soap 135g
  • Rejuvenating Facial Toner 60ml
  • Sunblock Cream 20g
  • Bleaching Cream 4 in 1 20g


  • Whitens Your Skin Within 7 Days
  • Micro-peeling Effect
  • Removes Pimple Marks and Dark Spots
  • Reduces Pores
  • Mild, Safe, and Effective
  • Gives Pinkish Glowing Skin
  • FDA Approved
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