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Dr. Alvin The Original Rejuvinating Set

Dr. Alvin The Original Rejuvinating Set

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Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set - This set contains agents that will help whiten your skin, help eliminate usual skin problems like pimples and acne, skin pigmentation and discoloration, blackheads, whiteheads. You can use REJUVENATING SET For 30 days, as standard advice of Dermatologist to make your skin totally exfoliate and becomes brighter. The recommended second treatment is the Maintenance Set to revitalize your skin from exfoliation.


Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set is good for all skin types. Per Package Inclusions:


1 x Rejuvenating Facial Toner 60ml

1 x Rejuvenating Cream 10g

1 x Sunblock Cream/Gel 10g

1 x Kojic Acid Soap 135g


*Kojic Acid - which is to cleans and micropeels dead skin cells. 

*Rejuvenating Toner - to removes deep seated dirt. It has whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne ingredients. 

*Sunblock Cream SPF 15 - to protects the skin from harmful UV rays that causes sunburn and wrinkles. 

*Rejuvenating Cream - to moisturizes and whitens the skin. 


Caution: Always do a quick skin test when using new products. In some extreme cases products may cause allergic reactions to acutely sensitive skin types. To be sure, you may want to test for product sensitivity. Simply apply a small amount of this product on your wrist and leave 5-10 minutes. Do not use product if irritation or redness develop. 

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