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Dr. Hancy White Spot Cream (20gm)

Dr. Hancy White Spot Cream (20gm)

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Perfect Rejuvenation --- DR HANCY White Spot Cream protects the skin from aging caused by toxins and environmental triggers, and restores and replenishes dull complexions for more revitalized, healthy-looking skin.


Effective Freckle Remover Cream --- DR. HANCY White Spot Cream helps to improve uneven skin Tone and Texture by reducing fine lines, acne spots, black circles, wrinkle and sun damage Specially designed to improve breakouts, clog Pores and avoid irritation Ideal for all skin types.


Inhibit Melanin Formation --- Vitamin A is proven to significantly brighten and lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma, anti-wrinkle moisturizing. gently lighten and remove dark spots, revealing brighter skin.


Light & Natural --- Antiaging cream is light weight, fast absorbing and Non Greasy Application Product is 98% Natural and 71% Organic Use Day and Night for brighter looking skin, touch it and see for yourself.


Wide Range of Applications --- Pure Natural Ingredients Rich in plant ingredients such as vitamin A. It can be applied to the face, arms, legs, neck, between the thighs, knees, elbows, underarm and other parts to moisturize the deep skin, be gentle and cool, and care for the skin.

Product Function

the skin becomes bright white and transparent shiny, Clear texture is not sticky, and it is easy to apply, After using the skin dull skin feels comfortable, solve the problems from the source of the attack, and the skin becomes Pure and bright!


Usage Method:

1. Morning and evening after cleansing the skin lighting cream forefinger middle finger and ring finger.

2. Three fingers on the face open, gently massage Evenly, it wholly absorbed Applicable skin: A variety of skin.

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