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False Eyelashes Collections

False Eyelashes Collections

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Features & Details:

  • No Glue or Eyeliner Needed - reusable self-adhesive false eyelashes are made with latest upgraded technology, light weight lashes and last all day.
  • Easy to Wear - reusable eyelashes self adhesive is different from magnetic eyelashes and glue eyelashes,They are self-adhesive and put on without adding more glue, greatly simplifying your makeup process and saving your time and effort, easy eyelashes for beginners.
  • Eyelashes Natural Look - self-adhesive lashes are made of soft synthetic fibers, which have a nice curling and are flexible. It appear exactly like your natural lashes and gives you a natural look and is more charming.
  • Reusable and Portable - reusable self stick on eyelashes can be used for many times with proper use and storage. If the strip becomes dirty and not sticky, you may wash it with warm water and dry it with a hairdryer of gentle warm air.
  • Perfect Gift for Women - self-adhesive eyelashes exquisitely packaged and are suitable as a gift for any kind of occassions.

Tips for Self Adhesive Eyelashes 

1. Remove your makeup and clean your eyes before use. The self-stick eyelashes can only be applied before skincare and makeup.
2. Take one strip of eyelashes from the box. Hold one end of the strip and pull the whole strip of the lashes out lightly.
3. Compare false eyelashes to the length of your eyes and trim them to the appropriate length and width if necessary. Trim no more than 1mm each time.
4. Gently place the fake lashes close to the root of your natural lashes and press from the middle of the false lashes to the end of the eye.
5. After use, remove the false lashes and then put them back in the recycling container.

1. Keep the base of the lashes clean, avoid touching oil or dust, that will result in the stickiness becomes weaker when using next time.
1. If the stickiness of magnetic eyelashes becomes weaker, please rinse it with warm water and dry it with warm air from a hairdryer.



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