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MEDIHEAL Watermide Toner Pad

MEDIHEAL Watermide Toner Pad

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About the Product:

A pack of 100 pad that has a moisture cooling care product that fills up one after another every day.

This product shows 100% skin swelling relief, 100% firm moisture barrier, 100% moisture retention, and 100% smooth skin texture in customer satisfaction.

It shows a 15.30% improvement as a result of a temporary swelling relief test.

This product shows a 165.42% improvement as a result of a moisture accumulation test.

This product shows a 3.22C decrease as a result of skin temperature reduction test.

It is a product that shows a skin reaction of 0.00 in the sensitive skin irritation test.

With a wide pad area and rounded corners, it is a product that can cover perfectly without lifting.

Vegan certified gauze fabric is filled with soothing essence to gently care for the skin texture.

The active ingredient is absorbed one after another and gives a refreshing finish without any residue.

It is a product with ample pad capacity and long and slim tongs that can be used hygienically up to the last 100th sheet.

It is a hygienic product as it can be replaced with a refill container and comes in a package that reduces plastic by 75%.

This product is suitable for those who need quick intensive soothing every day, those who want to easily solve their sensitive skin problems, those who need soft texture care for rough skin, and those who want a mild, non-sticky freshness.

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