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Ryx Skin After Glow Pure Glycerin Soap (70gm)

Ryx Skin After Glow Pure Glycerin Soap (70gm)

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Afterglow gentle bright beauty bar is a soap that has 100% Pure Glycerin infused with Rice Bran Extract, Fermented Kombucha & Organic Goji Berry.

A luxurious blend of nourishing ingredients & heavenly scent. This another Ryx Skin’s signature Beauty Bar will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth & irresistibly refreshed.

Say “goodbye” to dryness & “hello” to an enchanting bathing experience. Pamper yourself with the goodness of pure glycerin.

For everyone. It can be used on the face & body regardless of age.

Safe for kids (3y/o+), preggy & lactating moms! But as always, best to consult with your doctors.

Mildest among Ryx soaps

This product contains a very mild surfactant, making it gentle & not harsh on the skin. As a result, it may not produce as many bubbles or not foamy when used. But it still effectively remove deep-seated dirt, oil and other impurities.

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