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Ryx Skin Swiss Choco Blend (10sachets)

Ryx Skin Swiss Choco Blend (10sachets)

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Meet our latest innovation:
Ryx Swiss Choco Blend 

A meal replacement that’s both delicious and nutritious! 

Made with high-quality ingredients & designed to provide all the nutrients our body needs.

The perfect solution for busy days when you need a quick & nutrition meals on-the-go. 


Three reasons to love our Swiss Choco Blend?
1. It’s super easy to get your full balanced nutrition on-the-go.
2. You can blend it (protein shake) or bake it (protein bars / cookies)

☑️ Choco Malt Cocoa Powder
☑️ Pea Protein
☑️ Rolled Oats
☑️ Magnesium
☑️ Zinc
☑️ Sodium Ascorbate
☑️ Biotin
☑️ Carrot Extract
☑️ Moringa Oleifera Powder
☑️ Barley Extract
☑️ Chlorella Powder
☑️ Acai Berry Extract
☑️ Goji Berry Extract
☑️ Grape Seed Extract
☑️ Stevia
☑️ 47 calories per sachet


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