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Ryx Skin Vagicare Femine Wash (100ml)

Ryx Skin Vagicare Femine Wash (100ml)

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Vagicare Feminine Wash (100ml)

Water is not enough for your intimate part. Feminine washes are specially designed to care for and maintain your vulvovaginal health. 

Although our vagina has a cleansing system of its own, Our vulva still needs to be cleaned regularly. 

Why Ryx Skin Vagicare? 

It is formulated using Lactic Acid, Glycerine, Chamomile Extract, Rose Water and Guava Leaf Extract. It provides soothing relief to your intimate area and helps maintain a healthy vaginal pH. 

It helps keep your private part smelling fresh all day without causing any irritation and eliminates odor-causing bacteria. 

• Cruelty-Free 

• Paraben-Free 

• FDA notified! 


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