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Skintific 5% Panthenol Acne Calming Water Gel (45gm)

Skintific 5% Panthenol Acne Calming Water Gel (45gm)

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5% Panthenol Acne Calming Water Gel Moisturizer is designed for oily and acne-prone skin. Enrich 5% Panthenol, it’s has great a efficacy for acne skin, calming acne and redness. Unique lightweight water-like gel texture spreads almost like water. Combined with Ectoin and 5X Ceramide, keep skin hydrated and smooth with daily usage.


  • Soothes and calms acne
  • Helps soothe lightly irritated skin
  • Help control oil


  • 5% Panthenol: Calming acne and redness. Using it daily can help to stabilize skin condition and maintain healthy skin.
  • Ectoin: Calming benefits to for lightly irritated skin and smoothes skin.
  • Ceramide: Maintain healthy skin barrier

How to use:

Apply twice daily to the face and neck with continued use. Follow with SPF for morning usage.

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