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SkinWhite Lotion Glutathione + Vitamin C SPF20 (100ml)

SkinWhite Lotion Glutathione + Vitamin C SPF20 (100ml)

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Welcome to your brightest!
It?s here! The SkinWhite? PowerWhitening? Glutathione + Vitamin C Lotion! Start getting brighter and brighter in as fast as 7 days!

How does it do that?
Well, Glutathione and Vitamin C have anti-oxidant properties that work from the inside of your skin so you look radiantly glowing on the outside.
That?s one. Plus it comes with the SkinWhite? PowerWhitening? Line that uses an exclusive Advanced Tripower Technology?. Wow, fancy schmancy! But what it does is it safely combats the three stages of melanin production and helps achieve your whitest white skin with continuous use.

Here?s how it works:
1. Helps suppress excessive melanin production
2. Prevents the resurfacing of dark pigmentation
3. Screens the harmful UV rays from entering your skin
Cheers to your brightest ? ever!

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