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Crystal Glow Caramel Macchiato

Crystal Glow Caramel Macchiato

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JRK Dream Crystal Glow Caramel Macchiato is a Collagen coffee drink that has so much health benefits! It contains 50,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen - a pure and easy-to-digest protein. It has no additives and has no preservatives.

It also contains beneficial nutrients to aid in weight loss.
50,000mg Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen / box

Aside from being KETO friendly, the Crystal Glow collagen drink also has a lot of health benefits:
• Weight loss
• Prevent signs of aging
• Help remove blemishes
• Reduces sunburns
• Promotes hair growth
• Have anti-cancer effect
• Helps improve digestion
• Prevents cataract
• Acts against influenza
• Regulates blood circulation

You can drink up to 1-2 servings a day
10 sachets/box

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