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GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream (30gm)

GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream (30gm)

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Product Efficacy: whitening, brightening, moisturizing, concealer, fine pores.

Applicable to various skin types, especially those that require whitening and moisturizing.


1. Apply makeup within 10 seconds to make it feel natural and maintain makeup appearance

2. Instantly turns white within 3 seconds.

3. Fast whitening in 7 days, bid farewell to black face

3. Covering acne marks, spots, shrinking pores, and delicate skin

4. SPF20, PA++sunscreen can prevent skin dullness caused by ultraviolet radiation.

How to use:

After cleaning, provide basic care for the skin; Apply an appropriate amount of product to your face and apply evenly.


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