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GMEELAN Sea Fennel Ectoin Barrier Saviour Serum (30ml)

GMEELAN Sea Fennel Ectoin Barrier Saviour Serum (30ml)

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GMEELAN Sea Fennel Serum

 GMEELAN's sea fennel Ekdoyin barrier savior essence liquid is preferably from Brittany sea fennel in France. It is the top raw material of Seppic in France. With the CELTOSOME plant extraction technology, the sea fennel callus extract obtained can relieve redness and swelling in 15 minutes, quickly cool the face, and relieve skin redness and discomfort. Essence liquid is rich in German Ektogen, which can repair the skin internally, restore the face and maintain stability, strengthen the skin barrier, reduce the skin water loss, and moisturize and lock the water for a long time.

The mild formula is non irritating, does not contain alcohol preservatives, and is suitable for sensitive skin.


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