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GMEELAN Tea Tree Acne Spot Removal Gel (20gm)

GMEELAN Tea Tree Acne Spot Removal Gel (20gm)

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Product Descriptions:

Herbal formula products are non-greasy gel texture immediately after application, quickly remove redness, mild acne, the source helps prevent melanin sedimentation. create new acne scars And accelerate old acne scars, high temperature and herbal acne formula, suitable for all skin types and sensitive muscles.

 Why is it right for you?

  1. Australian tea tree essential oil + 6% herbal medicine extraction solution to repair redness.
  2. Japanese patented acne nemesis Get rid of acne quickly and gently.
  3. Japanese patented orange peel extract Block the source of black marks.

How to use:

The first step is to squeeze the pimple gel.

The second step is to coat the acne area. and the effect will be better in the morning and evening

Step Three Apply gently to help the gel absorb and apply to the face.


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